Glass Wall Art

Spring Flowers fused between glass.

WMC Art Level 3 New Reception Area

Included in Camden Art Trail

Spring Flowers


Sheryl Vaughan

Kiln formed fused sheet glass on metal posts


Glass Art

Working Man’s College Collection

It was the first day of term January 2012, and whilst travelling to college I noticed all the beautiful flowers that were already in bloom.  It seemed surreal that any of the flowers should even be out at this time of year.  I decided to make a bouquet along my route and fuse the flowers between 2 sheets of glass when I got to college

The flowers were far to green and wet for this activity, so I had to wait a whole term for them to dry out before I was allowed to fire them in the kiln.  I embellished the glass with bright metallic mica powders just in case the flowers burnt out completely.  I also added mille fiori to create a sense of depth.


It came as a complete surprise when I won the NIACE ‘London Regional Award’ for Adult Learners Week in 2011, “The choices in education so far have given me the opportunity to find out about myself, and of my capabilities, which I never knew I possessed.  Adult Education has given me a purpose in life.” 

In September 2012 I gained a placement at UCA Farnham studying for a BA(Hons) degree in 3DD Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery & Metals, following support and encouragement from my Glass Art Tutor, Katherine Hewlett. (Working Mens College, Camden, UK)