I create intriguing and beautiful glass by using rich and vibrant co-ordinating jewel colours that relate to an original theme. The reflective and refractive qualities that I produce within the glass, by way of contrasting textures and form, permits me to invite the viewer to investigate, examine and explore, both the interior and the exterior of my intricate and curved forms.


Sand Cast Bowl Centrifugally Spun - with coloured frit inclusion.


Whether you are looking for that 'little something' for yourself, or a gift for that special person or occasion.

Layered sheets of textured wax curled and cast in Gaffer Glass.


Larger pieces of my work may interest the serious contemporary glass collector, interior design companies or corporate businesses. 

Shades of blue and green enamels mimicking the Caribbean Sea cast with clear Gaffer glass. Lost wax process.  Commission Piece 'Into the Blue'


Do you have a design in mind that you would like to have made.  Please feel free to contact me to enquire about a possible commission.

Do you realise that glass can be seductive?


Glass deserves to be given an environment that it can dominate and become a statement piece rather than just another object.  Buying glass should be regarded as a celebration, of owner and item being brought together through attraction and lust.  This is the experience I wish to bring to customers who already love glass, and to those that have yet to be seduced by it.



All new work starts with testing. I just love shining coloured LED lights through my cast test pieces.  You just never know what to expect, how will the colours play with the shadows?  This is where the seduction starts.

All photography by Sheryl Vaughan

Robot & Robo-Dog


Wax forms were created from the packaging of a box of biscuits and placed together to form the robot and his dog.





Robot fresh out of the mould - there is a lot of work to do to make him loveable.

Robot & Robo-Dog have been created from the lost wax process and cast in Gaffer Glass

    Eventually Robo-Dog was placed on a transparent glass stand to ensure he would not run off!


Eventually Robo-Dog was placed on a transparent glass stand to ensure he would not run off!




One lamp base - Interchangeable lamp domes


With a standard dome shape and the production of wax forms taken from either nature or industry, new domes can be designed and created.  Each dome is able to fit onto the standard size lamp base.



A 5 part mould is used to create the wax form of the lamp base.

Hand drawn design screen printed in lilac enamel on transfer paper.

Silk screen printed enamel on transfer and applied to hand blown glass dome.


The wax created for Emerald Energy prior to casting in lime green glass. 

I have been fortunate enough to live out a dream, by getting into a hotshop and  being taught how to blow glass.  The temperature there is over 1700ºC, the noise from the glory hole and the furnace is almost deafening, but 'playing' with hot fluid glass is totally thrilling.


By no stretch of the imagination am I an experienced glass blower. The images below are a tribute to what can be learnt if you have the passion, the time and the money.  If you are serious about wanting to learn this amazing craft, please contact me and I will put you in touch with glass blowers in the UK who will open their studios for beginners. 



Silk Screen printed enamel transfers applied to glass embryos prior to blowing the glass.

I never knew glass could be so thrilling!


Spinning hot glass at breakneck speed in a chicken wire covered cage.  How thrilling to see a hot orange sticky mass, spread out to form a beautiful plate with hand formed inclusions of jewel colours.




The sparkling reflections created by the sunlight are incredible.

Creating coloured light with glass….


 Would you like to sprinkle coloured powder, as fine as sand from the Seychelles, over a sheet of glass?

Let your imagination go wild, cover the surface of the glass in swirls, sweeps and templated designs. 

With an overnight firing in the flatbed kiln, your artwork is ready for collection the following day.  This is the quickest and simplest form of glass work and perfect for any beginner who wishes to embark into the world of art glass.

Transfers have been added on to the glass before firing.

With pre-cut glass shapes it is possible to make your own personalised coasters, place mats, wall art or window decoration.

A one-day course will be made available soon.  



Colours can be layered over each other and then scraped and scratched through to create patterns and textures of varying opacity and translucency.